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A tremendous impact

Several Virginia Tech Beyond Boundaries Scholars
A few recipients of the Beyond Boundaries Scholarship

Thanks to the generous donors listed below, more than 330 Beyond Boundaries Scholars are on track to realizing their dreams. The donors listed below supported the program between July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.  Their gifts benefit students in the 2022-2023 academic year. 

Simone L. Acha

Michael C. and Brenda L. Adams

John H. Alday and Rebecca R. Fant

William V. Anderson

David B. Arnold

Balakumar and Sundari K. Balachandran

Carol A. Ballard

McRae C. Banks II

Douglas C. and Christine J. Barbee

Charles W. Barger III and Susan E. Barger

Grant D. and Marnie Beale

Todd C. and Gigi S. Berg

Darrin L. and Christine D. Bird

Anne A. Bishop

Elwood D. and Margie Black

Morgan Blackwood Patel and Manish Patel

Victor A. Smith and Robin A. Brewster

Thomas O. Brown

Edward C. and Lisa Buckalew

John S. and Sarah E. Burhoe

Harold E. Burkhart

Julianna K. and Todd M. Byrd

Michael W. and Annette C. Carey

Alvin H. Carpenter III and Jeanne Hamilton

Michael J. and Nancy D. Cartwright

Edward P. and Allison T. Chamberlayne

James L. Chapman IV and Susan B. Chapman

Nelson C. and Mary W. Chu

C T. Clarke Jr. and Jodie J. Clarke

Janet W. Colegrove

William J. and Rebecca A. Coyle

Bruce E. and Cindi M. Daniel

Stephen G. and Ann Marie M. Dasher

Mr. Robert DeFord Jr. and Dr. Nancy T. DeFord

Jeffrey A. and Beverly Anne P. DeSchon

Mary R. Dietrich

Daniel H. Dougherty

Michael R. and Diane M. Dumais

Gregory C. and Susan S. Estep

O. R. and Jane P. Evans

Justin J. and Casey Fadgen

Jon H. and Elizabeth M. Fagan

Tom and Jean S. Falvey

Franklin L. Fox

Eric H. and Amy K. Frazier

Ronald D. Fricker and Christine Arruda

General Motors Corporation

Frederick C. Gibson II and Peggy S. Gibson

Timothy P. and Karla H. Gill

Alan L. and Brenda M. Grant

Christopher J. and Keri N. Gregoire

Robert L. and Mary G. Gregory

Ashley R. Guy

Lara E. and Henry S. Hadad

Joseph A. Hardy V and Tammy Hardy

William S. and Mimi S. Harlan

Elkton E. Harrington III and Tammy Harrington

Kendall and  Laura Hendrick

Edward P. Hickman Jr. and Sandra L. Hickman

Michael C. and Susan C. Hildebrand

Jonathan W. and Heather D. Hill

William D. and Joyce Hill

Michael F. Hochella Jr. and Barbara M. Bekken

Robert D. and Peggy R. Howard

Scott C. and Heather M. Huber

Arthur M. Hungerford III and Deborah F. Hungerford

Gregory  Hunt

Michael B. and Donna H. Hurd

John J. Hynes Jr. and Mary Lenehan Hynes

Chris P. and Kathryn P. Isaac

Michael T. Johnson

Deborah A. Kadlick

James J. and Joan Kail

Brenton J. and Charlotte M. Keefer

Theodore E. King Jr.

Mark V. and Megan M. Klopp

Albert M. and Kristen D. Krall

Kevin M. and Lisa C. Lavery

W. Buford and Linda M. Lewis

John D. and Margaretha Light

David and Sharon Lowe

Gene J. Lowe III and Sehnaz Lowe

James Rustad and Deborah L. Lucas

Christopher R. Luck and Alison Landry

Larry R. and Jo Ann C. Marshall

Robert Douglas and Mary Elizabeth McClelland

Stephen and Elizabeth McCuin

Matthew S. and Molly McDonald

Steven A. McLellan and Carol A. Monti

Michael E. and Kathryn G. Melo

Matthew A. Merkle

Sonya Adam M.D. and Babur R. Mian

Gary and Carelyn L. Monroe

David and Debbie Mumford

Nancy L. and Howard E. Munnikhuysen

Clifford W. and Johanna L. Nelson

Bruce R. and Kristi P. Oliver

David and Peggy Oshinski

David Williams and Beth Parish

James E. Pearman Jr. and Brenda K. Pearman

L C. and Michele O. Petersen

Charles D. and Karen C. Phlegar

Jeffrey V. and LuAnn Pirone

William and Linda Poorbaugh

Menah Pratt-Clarke

Stephen P. Prisley

Erik H. and Lori J. Rasmussen

John F. and Diane M. Reid

Jackson W. Ribler

David C. Riggan and Glenna Racer-Riggan

Karen A. Roberto and Steven D. Sheetz

James A. Rose Jr. and Michele Fair

Susanne C. Rountree

Eva I. Rubio

Karl D. and Susan G. Salnoske

Timothy D. and Laura P. Sands

Oliver Schabenberger

David A. and Kristina Seager

Roy E. Shore Jr. and Anna K. Shore

Glenn and Barbara Sieber

Donald F. Simpson Jr. and Stacey A. Simpson

James W. Stanfield Jr. and Barbara J. Stanfield

Marc T. and Deanna R. Steiner

John P. and Sharon F. Stern

James N. and Susan M. Strawbridge

Carol N. Sykes

James D. and Janet S. Thomas

Sheldon L. Thomas

Gregory S. and Cheryl R. Thomas

Paul M. and Martha Ann F. Thorn

Robert C. and Dawn E. Turner

Amy and Horacio Valeiras

Lois J. Vincel

Lori L. and Steven S. Wagner

Kenneth D. and Tara Walker

James L. Waller

Jeff E. Warner Jr. and Isabel A. Warner

Juliet D. White

Kline M. and Gail Wilkins

Jeff B. and Heather L. Williams

Faith J. Williams

Robert B. and Ashley M. Williams

Karl E. and Amy Williams