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Charitable lead trusts

Charitable lead trusts are often used to transfer securities, real estate, or other significant assets to family members at a future date, typically with the intent of reducing or eliminating gift or estate taxes for heirs.

Through this special gift arrangement, you can use an asset to provide an income stream to Virginia Tech – beginning now and lasting for a specified number of years – and in the future, pass the remaining assets to those you name.

If the term of years is long enough, and the rate of payout high enough, it is possible to pass assets to heirs free of gift or estate taxes.

Other planning options are possible. For example, you can seek certain tax benefits. You can also choose to have the assets in your charitable lead trust revert back to you, as the donor.

In addition to its future financial benefits to you or your heirs, a charitable lead trust is a gift with immediate impact. You can see your gift at work at Virginia Tech today.

Use our gift calculator to see how a charitable lead trust could work for you.


If you, your attorney, or your financial advisor have questions about charitable lead trusts, please email, call 800-533-1144 or 540-231-2813, or contact a development officer you wish to support.