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Donor-advised funds

Donor-advised funds allow you to receive the tax benefits of a gift today and wait until later to decide what charities might benefit.

Situations in which a donor-advised fund might be appealing include the sale of a company, sizable bonuses or commissions, other large and unexpected income, or retirement into a lower tax bracket. Donor-advised funds also allow you to support a wide variety of your charitable interests.

The Virginia Tech Foundation Donor-Advised Fund can help individuals who want to simplify their giving throughout the university. It also allows donors the option of benefitting from the Virginia Tech Foundation’s investment expertise. Prior to distribution, each donor’s account will be invested in one of several portfolios. Donors select which one, and these options include the Virginia Tech endowment.

The minimum initial gift to the Virginia Tech Foundation Donor-Advised Fund is $100,000. A certain percentage must eventually be distributed to support Virginia Tech in a manner of the donor’s choosing. Distributions cannot be made to any charity providing benefits, such as athletic ticket privileges, in return for a gift.

To learn more about this giving option please contact the Office of Gift Planning at or 540-231-2813.