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Sample Text Messages

  • Option 1: [NAME], I have some exciting news! It’s Giving Day at Virginia Tech, and I signed up to be an ambassador! It’s a great way to support what matters to you and our communities. Can I count on you to join in!? [YOUR AMBASSADOR LINK]
  • Option 2: You know how much Virginia Tech means to me – and I’m so excited to be an ambassador to support Hokies this Giving Day! I’d love for you to join me so we can have an even bigger impact. Get in the game: [YOUR AMBASSADOR LINK]
  • Option 3: Giving Day is such a special time to step up and support Virginia Tech! There’s no better way to share your Hokie spirit, and I know this will be a day to remember! Join me and our fellow Hokies and let’s make an impact together: [YOUR AMBASSADOR LINK]
  • Option 4: Game on, fellow Hokie! It’s Giving Day, and as an ambassador, I’m working hard to spread the word with friends like you! Now’s the time to show the world how powerful we are when we work together – join me so we can make this the best Giving Day ever: [YOUR AMBASSADOR LINK]
  • Option 5: Ready… set… GO! Giving Day is coming to an end, so if you haven’t already joined in, now’s your chance! Don’t miss this opportunity to join me and support Virginia Tech by making a gift to what matters to you: [YOUR AMBASSADOR LINK]
  • Option 1: Thank you so much for supporting Virginia Tech with me this Giving Day, [NAME]! I can’t wait to see the impact we have together. 
  • Option 2: Hey, [NAME]! I’m so happy you joined me in supporting Virginia Tech for Giving Day! It was so much fun spreading the word and really making an impact together! Let’s do it again next year! 
  • Option 3: [NAME], thanks for supporting Virginia Tech with me today! It means so much to me that you joined in and helped give back to our communities. Let’s go, Hokies!

Giving Day questions?

Email for general questions and for ambassador specific questions.